Sketchcrawl 38 – January 19, 2013

Sketchcrawl 38  -  January 19, 2013

The NYC Sketchcrawlers (about a dozen) covered 42nd Street from Port Authority Bus Terminal to Grand Central Station.  I got no further than Times Square.  I broke out the paints for the International Grocery on 9th between 40th & 41st, and later went back there for lunch (heavenly spinach pie) and to stock up on provisions.  Highly recommended if you’re in the neighborhood.  The final fellow approached me and Jason as we sat in Times Square, complimented our work, and then proceeded to proselytize.  We humored him with a few questions (Who did Adam & Eve’s sons get married to?  Their sisters?), he went on with his shtick, and we sketched him as he did so.  A fair exchange!

International Grocery

Port Authority Bus Terminal

Subway Entrance - Times Square

Jason Sketching

Times Square Proselytizer

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