Jordi Savall & Juilliard 415 – January 26, 2013

Jordy Savall & Juilliard 415  – Alice Tully Hall  -  January 26, 2013

Savall is the hero of the early music movement – rescuing, retrieving, and putting again to life the written music of pre-Bach times.  Many of these pieces are associated with equally obscure/obsolete dance styles.  His instrument is the viol da gamba, a six-stringed jobber intermediate in size between a viola and a cello.   It is held like a cello and bowed.  Yang is also playing one – part of the viol “consort” portion of the ensemble.  There is much that I don’t understand.   Many of the students of the Juilliard 415 troupe also played early-music instruments that one would be hard pressed to identify or recognize.  Fun trivia fact: the predecessor of the trombone was called a “sackbut”.  Thus, we also have a student (Payne) plucking the theorbo (I didn’t see any strumming); the topmost strings (that is, closest to his head), I guess for drone or resonance, since they did not appear to receive any direct action.

Jordi Savall

Kevin Payne

Wen Yang

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