Wycliffe Gordon – February 4, 2013

Wycliffe Gordon  -  Paul Hall  -  February 4, 2013

Juilliard School’s jazz program has really hit the jackpot this year regarding its guest artists, mentors, artists-in-residence, whatever they call them.  Gordon is the latest; here he collaborates with two distinct student jazz ensembles.   Besides being an all-around excellent entertainer (including as vocalist), he is also a swell composer, so they end up playing a bunch of his excellent stuff.  He put in a lot of time on the trumpet, and also played a hybrid mini-trombone that had the sonic range of a trumpet.  There was plenty of room for the students to shine, and they did.   I think there still something about the exits from Juilliard that I don’t yet “get”.   I did not see the big man, nor obtain his autograph, despite waiting upstairs, where all of the students emerged, for about a half hour.  Oh well.

Wycliffe Gordon

Matthew Musselman

Jordan Pettay

Chase Baird

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