Salute to Angelo Gilardino – February 15, 2013

Salute to Angelo Gilardino  -  Manhattan School of Music  -  February 15, 2013

Angelo Gilardino had a substantial career as a concert guitarist, performing hundreds of premieres of works dedicated to him by composers throughout the (guitar) world.  After over two decades of performing, in 1981 he retired from that spotlight to dedicate himself to teaching, composing, and musicological research.  I am not crazy about the use of the term “classical” to describe his genre; to my way of thinking it seems incompatible with “contemporary”.  But no suitable replacement vocabulary seems to be available, so we’ll let it be.  Gilardino was scheduled to have a short residency at MSM, to perform various musical duties, but unfortunately had to cancel for health reasons.  The show – four of his pieces by three distinct ensembles and one soloist – went on as a musical salute.

Mark Delpriora & Beomjae Kim

Gunnlaugur Bjornsson & Chen-Shen Fan

Alessio Olivieri & Ye-Eun Lee

Joao Luiz Rezende Lopes & Ye-Eun Lee

Allessio Olivieri & Lucas Pullin

Gilardino Guitars

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