Susana Baca/Calexico – June 16, 2013

Susana Baca/Calexico  –  New Haven Green  –  June 16, 2013

Although she was not the headliner, Baca (Peru’s Minister of Culture!) was the primary draw for me.  Her music is not of the Peruvian Andes; it is of the African diaspora.   To me her remarkable voice is a channeling of spirit, otherworldly.  Hugo Bravo, depicted playing cajon, had a range of percussive instruments including the “quijada” (jawbone of a donkey).  So far, I am unable to identify the violin player.  Headliners Calexico were certainly no slouches, with a southwestern orientation that included at times a two-trumpet mariachi vibe.  They were joined onstage for a few numbers by some members of Baca’s backup band.  What a full sound!  Front man Joey Burns took a liking to my work – due to his praise I have included the only-partly-formed sketch of Baca bass player Oscar Huaranga.  Burns was helpful in taking my sketchbook around to get autographs from all the Calexico members, otherwise unavailable to me backstage.

Susana Baca

Hugo Bravo

Ernesto Hermoza


Oscar Huaranga


Joey Burns & Ryan Alfred

John Convertino

Jairo Zavala

Jacob Valenzuela & Martin Wenk

Sergio Mendoza

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