Big Island Hawai‘ian Music Festival – July 13, 2013

Big Island Hawai‘ian Music Festival  –  Afook-Chinen Auditorium, Hilo  –  July 13, 2013

One highlight of our month-long vacation on Big Island (Hawai‘i) was our good fortune to be there for this music festival.  And the timing was perfect for it to serve double duty as my contribution to World-Wide Sketchcrawl #40.  Our big revelation was the much beloved local, fully-pidgin’-named Bruddah Waltah.  Everyone in the 4-some Ben Kaili & Friends took a turn on lead vocals, and their music was smooth, relaxed, seamless, and seemingly leaderless.

Randy Parker


Randy Lorenzo

Bruce David

Karlson Pung


Bruddah Waltah


Liko Punahele & Vic Chock

Ben Kaila & JJ Ahuna


Kris Fuchigami

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