Busking Seattle – August 2-3, 2013

Busking Seattle  –  August 2-3, 2013

The area around Pike Place Market in Seattle is a natural hub for that city’s busker community.  In addition to musicians of various ilk, other forms of entertainment were proffered, including the guy I saw doing card tricks.  I stuck to portraying the musicians, which included three personal firsts: kazoo (Jobydiah),  Scottish highland pipes (Brendecke), and didgeridoo (Kimes).  Unfortunately for the latter, I caught only the last few minutes of his set, so the sketch is at the basic level; he gave me a free CD, but it didn’t play in any of my players!  The apparent duo “Squirrel Butter”  (Beck & Slavin) was a trio with a fiddle player the day before; Slavin not only plays and sings, but on some numbers she clog-dances a percussion track on a special board that they shlep around.  My imagination reels at the amount of practice necessary to master (and she has mastered) such a talent.

Charlie Beck

Charmaine Slaven


Gibson & Symer & Kent

Jeff Kimes

Martin Brendecke

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