Roots of American Music – August 10, 2013

Roots of American Music  –  Lincoln Center Hearst Plaza  –  August 10, 2013

I wasn’t sure what to call this; the main draw for me was Martha Redbone and her Roots Project.  I couldn’t tell from the promo material that she was clearly the headliner, so I’m calling it by the umbrella title, Roots of American Music.   This year is Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors’  30th annual edition of this, and not my first time around with it.  Trixie Whitley, unfamiliar to me, was the opener.  Redbone (no stretch here to connect to roots) got the watercolor treatment, which meant that I was unable to portray her band, which was seriously cookin’. Hurray for the Riff Raff, equally unknown was the closer.  It’s apparently the vehicle for Bronx-native-but-relocated-to-New-Orleans Alynda Lee Segarra.  Posting of her band’s portraits awaits clarification of their identities; I’ll give it decent try to find out first.

Martha Redbone

Trixie Whitley

Ray Rizzo

Thomas Bartlett

Josh Kaufman & Sam Cohen

Trixie Whitley Group

Alynda Lee Segarra

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