Robert Cray / James Carter Organ Trio – July 17, 2014

Robert Cray / James Carter Organ Trio  –  World Financial Center  –  July 17, 2014

This venue is trying to change its name to Brookfield Place; they copped some cred by putting on this two-day blues festival, so I’ll mildly begrudgingly acquiesce and abandon my adherence to WFC from here on.  Carter’s combo, all instrumental, jazzed up their  blues-based attack.  Cray remains a strong persuader, has dialed up the soul in his set list in support of his latest, “In My Soul”.   Alas, autograph proved not available.  The actual headline act of the evening was John Hiatt, but it was too dark to sketch by the time he was on.

Robert Cray

Dover Weinberg

Richard Cousins

James Carter

Gerard Gibbs

Eli Fountain

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