Link Montana – July 14, 2014

Link Montana  –  Nauset Beach Gazebo  –  July 14, 2014

I love coming across pearls of quality in unassuming distant remote venues, and the parking lot of Nauset Beach in the town of Orleans on Cape Cod is the latest.  The serendipitous discovery of this evening concert was made during our Bastille Day-long beach sojourn.  Half of this band was made up of the Spampinato brothers of NRBQ fame.   Rockabilly fused with jangly pop, oh-so-knowlingly including a Hendrix quotation in an Everly Brothers tune, a Fleetwood Mac reference in a surf-music compendium, and a bluegrass tinged version of a Cream opus.  What’s not to love?

Link Montana

Joey Spampinato

Lou Cataldo

Johnny Spampinato

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