Duende Project – September 3, 2014

Duende Project  -  White Plains Public Library  -  September 3, 2014

This event was part of the White Plains Jazz Festival, though it was more of a poetry happening.  First there was a series of open mic poetry readings (talk about some really short sketch windows – maybe 5 minutes tops), then the featured Duende Project, only partially represented by Brown and Lanning-Cafaro, and finally a poetry slam.  Some of the poets didn’t stick around even to the end of Duende (way to support your fellow artists, guys!); oh well, no signatures there, and I’m leaving them off.  Duende was really smoove, Brown reciting, backed by Lanning-Cafaro on bass or guitar.  Simpkins is a bit chameleonic, and signed as AJ Poet; it’s hard for me to grasp what about her I captured – sometimes in the right illumination it (at least the original) seems to parse the light into counterintuitive suggestions of refracted colors.  No, I don’t understand.

Tony Brown

Steven Lanning-Cafaro

AJ Simpkins

Eugene T. Holmes

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