Bertha Hope – October 26, 2014

Bertha Hope  -  Morris High School  -  October 26, 2014

Here’s someone who was totally not on my radar screen at all; Hope was married to a minor NYC player, Elmo Hope, also a pianist.  For a while they shared an apartment with Thelonius Monk!  I wonder how they decided who got to use the piano at home.  Well, Bertha is still keepin’ on, leading/mentoring a small combo of mostly younger players.  And she’s a Bronx treasure which is a plus for me.  I’ve gotta comment on the venue, where I’d never been before.  Morris High School is the first high school built in the Bronx, and its auditorium is a designated NYC landmark.  I’m unfamiliar with the ‘hood so it took some (time-consuming) navigating to get in and out.  The school has gone the way of many, being subdivided into three separate entities, but I don’t care, I’m calling it by it’s original name.

Bertha Hope

Kim Clark

Angeleisha Rogers

Jure Pukl

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