Roy Ayers – August 12, 2015

Roy Ayers  -  Marcus Garvey Park  -  August 12, 2015

Ayers has had a two-stage career, initially as a jazz vibes player who rose to prominence in the 1970′s.  Some of his licks have been sampled and gained placement in various parasitic (or should we use the more generous “symbiotic”) genres that are strong on recycling selected grooves.  Nowadays his pop fame tends towards the acid-jazz r&b funk ilk, with more singing and less mallet work.  Abundant groove, less structural complexity.  While it’s not my favorite destination for talent, I can abide.   Much less acceptable is the painfully loud volume of the music, to me a crutch that does not reflect well on the overall effort.  The opening “act” was the Mobile Mondays DJ team/dance troupe; about 40 or so hip-hoppish dancers rotated (as in took turns) on and off stage to the ministrations of three alternating DJ’s, extending the high decibel endurance aspect of the gig.  Security access to the green room has been stepped up at this venue, so no autographs.

Roy Ayers

Larry Peoples

Jamal Peoples

Bill Saxton

John Pressley

Donald Nicks

Operator Emz

Money Mike

Natasha Diggs

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