Sun Ra Arkestra – May 8, 2016

Sun Ra Arkestra  -  Greenpoint Terminal  -  May 8, 2016

How’s this for a birthday present? From my son to my wife, down to Brooklyn, which is like a foreign country when this chauffeur is driving.  The converted old terminal market, no seats, pretty darn loud.  I was happy to be in time for the piano tuner.  How someone playing the piano during the actual concert could actually hear it amongst the cacophony, well…  SRA was part of a triple-bill; we (the fogeys) stayed for only about 20 minutes of Pharaoh Sanders, and missed headliner Kamali Washington.

Marshall Allen

Mike Watson

Tyler Mitchell

Tara Middleton

SRA Piano

SRA Sax 1

SRA Sax 2

Angela DeRosa, Piano Tuner

In the interval between sketch creation and this posting, Charles Davis, sax player in the band, has passed from us.  I’m unable to tell if any of the unidentified sketches might be of him; if so, I am glad to have captured Charles one last time.  The man played around, and I have previously seen him in two other excellent combos, of Jimmy Heath and Barry Harris.  A positively identified sketch is also included here in memoriam.

Charles Davis

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