David Amram – July 30, 2016

David Amram  –  Putnam County Fair  –  July 30, 2016

Amram’s career is chock full of interesting connected dots from around the world, including as a Hollywood screen composer.  He’s Putnam-County local, a beatnik who never stopped and never stopped being hip.  I’d been wanting to capture him for a while, but plans fell victim to unfortunate scheduling numerous times, so finally!  I found out about this gig only a few hours before it was to happen, and had enough crease in my time for me to make it.  Fortuitously, the rain held off long enough to allow me to finish up, although the originals had a few smudges from the raindrop impacts. The music was mostly jazz.  Amram’s thoroughly charming and peripatetic interspersed musings from his time way back in the day show what an important cultural icon he is, with links to the likes of Charlie Parker, the beatnik scene, and Bob Dylan.

David Amram

Rene Hart

Joe Aebig

Kevin Twigg

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