Duwamish River Festival – August 20, 2016

Duwamish River Festival  – Duwamish Waterway Park, Seattle  –  August 20, 2016

A community festival that includes performances of various cultural groups?  No brainer for me, I’m there.  Especially if there’s an environmental injustice angle, as there is here; Seattle’s South Park neighborhood adjoins the Duwamish Waterway, a Superfund site.  I sure hope I got the spelling right for the Kalpulli group – I copied from the program, but have seen a few other variants on the web.  Banda Vagos, somewhat of a family thingy, was the heavy hitter in the entertainment department.  The banda genre is a Mexican cultural melange mashup (the brass band aspect is a German/Austrian influence) with propulsive high energy, which these guys had in spades!  With nine separate portraits, of a dozen players (got ’em all!) I’m just posting the composite here.

Carlos Barajas

Rafaela Luna-Pizano

Banda Vagos

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