Tabou Combo – September 1, 2016

Tabou Combo  –  Rubenstein Atrium  –  September 1, 2016

The Haitian roots of this group go way back; it has now been headquartered in NYC for decades, but beneath my radar.  For the event, space that is customarily given over to seating had been cleared of chairs to make way for dancing, which was definitely the order of the day.  The music was compas, a high-energy rhythmic pan-Caribbean style.  This in turn worked to my benefit, as it allowed me to change settings several times for the full complement of sketches.

Herman Nau

Jean-Claude Jean

Yves Joseph

Ron Felix

Jonas Imbert

Yvon Andre

Reynald Vlame

Andre Atkins & Saxophonist

Jocel Alcemus

TC Trumpet

Roger Eugene

Ralph Conde

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