Escher String Quartet – November 6, 2016

Escher String Quartet  –  Vassar College, Skinner Hall  –  November 6, 2016

The quartet program included works by Mozart, Bartók, and then a quintet (add Crow’s piano) of Dvorák.  (Sorry Anton, all those different accents available, but not the correct one for your “o”!)   Somehow I got the start time incorrect, and arrived so late that I missed the first piece (sorry Wolfgang!).   I stood in the back for the high priority Bartók (string quartet #2), sublime.  It was composed during the first world war, and had a melancholy wtf vibe that I find common to pieces created under such circumstances of duress.  Finally got a seat for the quintet after intermission.  Two sketches of the complete ensemble were on facing pages in the book, combined here for a composite.

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