Busking NYC – January 12, 2017

Busking NYC  -  Muammer Aryar / Grupo Wayno  -  January 12, 2017

Two sets of buskers in the subway today; a solo and an enemble.   Muammer performed at Union Square station.  And Grupo Wayno, a trio, was at Herald Square, a reliable standby location; at first I thought the name was some kind of goof, but it turns out that “Wayno” is a variant of “huayno”, an Andean music genre, associated with the Quechua people. They all had pre-recorded tracks as accompaniment, a practice that I, the purist snob, have long derided on this blog.  These days it’s just the way of the world, at least in the busk world.  I can still enjoy.  I definitely did not have enough colors with me to do justice to the serapes of the Grupo, astoundingly chromatic, I just threw whatever I had onto the paper.


Luis Vilcherrez



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