Bernard Purdie – February 4, 2017

Bernard Purdie  -  Greenwich Library Cole Audiorium  -  February 4, 2017

Another senior citizen still going strong, kept vital and young at heart by making people happy doing what he loves.  Purdie got touted as the most recorded drummer of all time, and he’s certainly a contender, having collaborated with an immense spectrum of musicians.  And with no shortage of funk.  For my little chat at the signing table, I mentioned that I caught him at the famous 1979 Carnegie Hall Dizzy Gillespie drummer summit “Unity with Diversity”; Purdie said that he was the one that actually put that concert together!   He took requests during the break, resulting in a realignment of the second set.  I couldn’t believe my pen crapped out before I could finish guitarist Cicala, that’s why he got the blues.

Bernard Purdie

Miho Nobuzane

Frankie Cicala

Roy Bennett

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