Kendra Foster – August 11, 2017

Kendra Foster  -  Lincoln Center Hearst Plaza  -  August 11, 2017

Foster was on the “little” stage, in many ways much more conducive to my work than the big-assed bandshell, including no waiting on line.  I don’t think there was any diminution of quality.  In advance, her music totally unknown to me, but I have faith (hard-earned through the years) in the Lincoln Center out-of-doors programming.  What I did know was a George Clinton connection (big plus) and a more recent (and grammy-winning!) link to D’Angelo (wary meaninglessness to me).   Foster brought the goods, and there was certainly enough of the “you and me, baby” kind of stuff that I guess is the D’Angelo-type genre, but she also dipped into the old-school well a bit and showed strong gospel-ish chops and sensibility.  Vocal assistance from Redd Middleton (do I need to say also news to me?) who was no slouch and really unleashed on his featured vocal number.

Kendra Foster

Jacob Webb

Nathan Webb

Shedrick Mitchell

Charles "Redd" Middleton

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