Rafael Hernandez Music Festival – September 24, 2017

Rafael Hernandez Music Festival  -  Bronx Library Center  -  September 24, 2017

Hernandez was Puerto Rico’s pre-eminent composer during the first half of the 20th century, and the concert of his music is held in his honor.  Of course, I couldn’t understand a word, but so what!  This is one of my favorite venues, as there’s usually space for me to get the paints going, and for this one it was 100% watercolors.  There were two separate combos and some confusion on my part on how to allocate sketch time.  Torch song (I think; I’m going here on sound and not lyrics) specialist Mirabal was featured, brought out twice (one costume change).  Ayala smoothly shouldered the remaining vocal duties, and was no slouch.


Gloria Mirabal

Luis Limardo

Luis Rodriguez

Anibal Ayala & Leo Mendez

William Vazquez

Chuito Quintero

Zoila Martinez Loeza

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