Big Sam’s Funky Nation – August 8, 2017

Big Sam’s Funky Nation  -  CHIRP Ballard Park, Ridgefield  -  August 8, 2017

All I knew about this band going in was basically that it was from New Orleans, led by a former Dirty Dozen Brass Band member (only a vague context for me).  So, modest expectations on my part, fearing a lack of sufficient variety to keep me engaged.  And the way it started, fervent exhortations to the audience to get up and dance, make some noise, etc. also not my best recipe for assured quality (what, your music doesn’t bring it strongly enough that audience will do these things without the exhortations?).  Wrongo!  These guys are masters of their instruments with a judicious blend of originals and covers, the latter pulled from a wide variety of pop culture sources including the Beatles.  And Sam was not the only big thing about it; the whole 4-piece sound was full & luscious.   I was like, “Yes, THAT’s how you play that instrument!”  A second horn (sax) was added for one number, but too briefly for me to get the guy.

New policy: I will be providing a link to artist home page when it’s easily obviously available.  I’ve been reluctant to do even this (let alone go to social media), as I have no influence on quality control, and I sure ain’t gonna be going back to make sure links are not broken.

Big Sam Williams

Keenan McRae

Alfred Jordan

Jerry Henderson

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