Busking Seattle – October 2017

Busking Seattle  -  October 2017

For this post I combine two separate episodes on different dates.  Dandelion and Vismale were at Seattle’s outdoor Ballard Farmers Market, the city’s biggest (it’s year-round), and what an incredible scene!  All produce was over the top, my best score being the $10 chanterelles; just try finding them in the NYC area for less than triple that!  The remainder were outdoors at Seattle City Center, where I was early and waiting for the Turkfest event (next post).  Monroe took the bizarreness award, kind of deranged with a security guard keeping close eye on him from a distance.  When I passed him the book to sign, it seemed like he was kind of grime-coated, as if he had been working on changing car oil for three days straight (possibly without sleeping).  So I didn’t want him even handling the book too much; I thought the just treatment was to not photoshop out the lower left fingerprint residue of his grip (also, may come in handy for the authorities at some point).  Yes I feel bad about the preceding!  Then, a first for me; “Anonymous” not only wouldn’t sign (I’ve had that before, but only once), he wouldn’t even tell me his name!  Wow, two doozies in one session.  The others going by first name only, I kind of get – perhaps legit deportation paranoia.


Yasna Vismale

Dave Monroe


Quichua Mashis

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