Turkfest – October 14, 2017

Turkfest  -  Seattle City Center Armory  -  October 14, 2017

I had time only to catch the musical acts on one day of this 2-day festival.  Only two of the three members of Celestial Navigation were present; as you can suss from the name, it was new-agey with a Turkish twist.  Attitude was compounded when at the end of the set,  Somel wouldn’t sign from the stage, said she would be out later to do so, then failed to show.  Sehr-i Seattle seemed more straightforward old school Turkish folklorish (as if I would know!), and also more interested in my work to boot, so they get my edge.  There was also a more participatory vibe, audience members singing along, and at one point one fan going on stage to help Berberoglu out with the lyrics.

Tamer Erzumulu

Nokta Berberoglu

Baris Saydag

Berk Nadir

Batuhan Biyikoglu

Didem Somel

Robby Albrecht

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