Sunny Jain’s ExtravaJAMza – December 14, 2017

Sunny Jain’s ExtravaJAMza   –  Rubinstein Atrium   December 14, 2017

This was a hodgepodge that worked really well.  Basically, percussionist Jain invited his various musical friends (and that’s quite a diverse assemblage of musical friends!) to come perform with him in various configurations.  So, there was a rotating cadre of personnel on stage, making it difficult for me to anticipate how long each would be available and how to allocate finite sketch time.  So be it.  Part of the evening’s theme was the metaphor of cooking, which got quite literal as samples of Jain’s culinary skills were passed out amongst the audience.  Much as I would have like to nosh in this manner, it was too much to manage while frantically trying to focus within my chrono-calculating frenzy.

Sunny Jain

Jonathan Hoard

Ganavya Doraiswam

Mike Bomwell

Ray Mason

Marc Cary

Lee Hogans

Gary Wong

Alison Shearer

John Altieri

Delicate Steve

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