Arturo O’Farrill Sextet – April 14, 2018

Arturo O’Farrill Sextet  -  Bronx Library Center  -  April 14, 2018

This is a family affair, and a royal jazz family to boot.  Arturo is already the second generation of O’Farrill players, and he’s brought along two sons into the business.  Yes, this music has got a Cuban soul (and some requisite percussion), but it is not at all clichéd, and to me is primarily jazz for improvisation; I would be surprised if these players knew exactly where things were going at the start of each piece – a number of which are original compositions.  But they sure went places!  Hardly anything is as gratifying as when an old master at peak (in this case Arturo) provides a safe place for the next generation to flourish, and I detect no nepotism drawback in this case.  It’s an honor to witness the torch-passing, not that Arturo’s going away any time soon.

Arturo O'Farrill

Ivan Renta

Adam O'Farrill

Zack O'Farrill

Bam-Bam Rodriguez

Carlos Maldonado

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