Marcia Ball – June 5, 2018

Marcia Ball  -  CHIRP, Ballard Park, Ridgefield  -  June 5, 2018

CHIRP just keeps getting better and better, quite an extensive lineup for this year, congratulations Ridgefield.   Blues belle Ball has got her red beans cookin’, I don’t know how she can keep up that singing, but thank the Lord.  She’s from that Louisiana/Texas nexus, as is the rest of the band; it’s not exactly N’Awlins, but we’re just talking overlappng Venn diagrams here.  The band plows through one number after another, with minimal patter, they came to PLAY!  It’s so second nature for Ball at this point, she sits at the piano stool, one leg draped over the other, somewhat belying the intensity of the music being produced.  Bassist Bennett has been with Ball sine 1981!

Marcia Ball

Corey Keller

Don Bennett

Eric Bernhardt

Mike Schermer

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