Jupiter & Okwess – July 19, 2018

Jupiter & Okwess   –  BAM MetroTech  -  July 19, 2018

One more case of, if I knew the words they were singing I might have had an additional dimension of appreciation.  But what I got was plenty fine anyhow.  From the Congo!  Maybe I wouldn’t even be able to identify the language.  Plenty of rhythm and cross-rhythm, those dueling guitars, and they had some audience members up on stage to dance for a few numbers.  I don’t know what up with the drummer wearing a (Mexican wrestler?) mask .  When I got around to documenting the names, it turns out that nearly all have three names, which seem to get used or not in different contexts on the web.  So I hope I did justice with my annotations.  The closer (not the encore) was a gorgeous a capella number – I think every single one of ‘em was singing.

Jupiter Bokondji Ilola

Blaise Sewika

Richard Kabanga

Eric Malu Malu

Yende Balamba

Montana Kinunu

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