Brewster Fall Festival – September 8, 2019

Brewster Fall Festival  -  Main Street  - September 8, 2019

The music entertainment at Brewster’s Fall Festival (formerly Founders Day) has certainly come into its own, with four groups taking the stage.  Unfortunately the stage manager didn’t quite manage the time optimally, so that the first group seemed shorted, sent off the stage just as they were getting warmed up (and before I could sketch the drummer), and there seemed to be surplus time for an extended set by the final group (hence color).  Oh well!  Quality was surely there, well-distributed.  The quirky and terroir awards both went to R&D Music Factory, with one song about Sodom Road (a local thoroughfare, and there is no Y!) and another about the nearby Tilly Foster Mine.  And that’s not even considering the guitar player’s providentially punnable name!  OK now, minds out of the gutter.

Joe D

Charles McIntyre

Tony Cataldo

Rod Cumming

Daniel Basiletti


Jonathan Ozbone

Chris Lynch


Raquel de Souza

Luis Cruz

Matthew Bauer

Cat Lines

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