Norwegian Heritage Day – March 26, 2022

Norwegian Heritage Day – March 26, 2022  –  Leif Erikson Hall, Seattle

Returned to event-sketching and posting with a healthy overdose – four acts, four hours on my feet!  At least I got to scarf some Pølse with lefse (Norwegian hotdog bound up in a flexible potato-based tortilla-like wrap) before it was all gone, demand rapidly outstripping supply.  Sketching got complicated by the dancing going on: dancers were part of the entertainment, and most of the tunes were clearly meant for it; so I had to stay out of the way of the dancers, who at times were, well, in my way.  And some musicians (not the seated ones) also got into the act, moving to new positions and conformations as the music struck.  This all made a “dancer” out of me as I shifted position back and forth for viewing advantage, ever-mindful of keeping my distance from just about everybody.

Solo fiddler Boyd was most elusive, and it shows.   Scandia Kapell seemed to have the most complexly composed arrangements, lots of reading off of music stands, structured harmonies.  Sølje Sisters violated the “Shave and a Haircut” norm by using it more than once for a song-ending.   Six Feet Back Band offered more tunes in minor keys, plus they had a bunch of unison singing, whereas the other groups were strictly instrumental.  When asked about the minor-key emphasis, Johansson attributed it to being Finnish (although Viking nonetheless).  I guess having a border with Russia can do that.

Bill Boyd

The Wood Carver









Skandia Kapell

Jared MacFarland

Gregory Gdovicak









Lyn Jackson

Donna Luce

Nick Ericson









Lydia Louie

Sølje Sisters

Anita Paulsen

Sharon Farmer









Nancy Hiraoka

Joanna Elizondo









Six Feet Back Band

Kris Johansson

Kristen Forster








James R Skrindi

Bjarne Jacobsen

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2 Responses to Norwegian Heritage Day – March 26, 2022

  1. Kris says:

    Thanks Parker, Nicely done on the pictures. The Six feet back group comprised of Jarad,
    Gregory, Lyn, Donna, Lydia and Nick. Kristen, Kris, Bjarne and Jim are in Skandia Kapell.

    I hope you enjoyed the music… :o)

  2. Hi, Parker. We Sølje Sisters love the sketches you did of us yesterday. We didn’t have time to get your contact info, but fortunately someone told us all about this website. Thanks so much! Sharon

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