Busking Seattle – 8 May 2022

Busking Seattle – Ballard Farmers Market  –  8 May 2022

A busy day!  Chatting with Dunworley after I finished his sketch, I learned that he specializes in songs about Irish/Americans participating in the US Civil War.  Talk about a  niche!  His propaganda says that he does requests; I tried to arm-twist him into “Whiskey In The Jar” with an offer to sing along.  This despite his having just done a different tune with identical chord progression.  Somehow he didn’t take the hint, nor the tip that would have followed.  Cronin is quite a character; for starters she signs her name backwards!  Some of the bass work seemed plucked from the ether, other pieces had a more classical bent, read from music on a stand.  Later in the day she had switched to guitar.  Salzano comes from a family of musicians; he pulled a Rahsaan Roland Kirk, playing quite well two reed instruments at once.  When I came upon this duo they were between numbers; Brudi announced, “We’re waiting for Johnny…”    I was tap tap tapping my foot, (with impatience, not rhythm), so I called out, “Waiting for Johnny!”  After the reward of that first double-blowing number, I gave ’em a “Worth the wait!” shout-out.  Soggy Possums had a mix of old-time and contemporary (“Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”).

Connor Dunworley

Harmony Cronin









Johnny Salzano & Conrad Brudi


Soggy Possums

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