Ethan Iverson – June 19, 2010

Ethan Iverson             –          National Jazz Museum in Harlem    -    June 19, 2010

This event wasn’t exactly a concert.  It instead consisted of a melange of reminiscences, discussion, listening to recorded music selections, and live piano performance, hosted by Loren Schoenberg, with guests Stanley Crouch and Ethan Iverson.  The theme was a tribute to the recently passed Dick Katz, and a celebration of the arrival of his Steinway to occupy place of pride at the Museum.  Contrary to my expectations based on preparatory research, there was not that much live music (only a single song was played) during the time that I was there.  I did my only sketching in that short interval, but made the most of it – the quickly assembled initial impressions captured an essence.  Sometimes it’s good to not have an excess of time to work.

Ethan Iverson

Dick Katz

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