Danny Rosado – June 24, 2010

Danny Rosado (Conjunto Classico)     –     St. Mary’s Park, Bronx      –       June 24, 2010

Yet another unfamiliar venue, also deep in the South Bronx.  The day was a scorcher, and driving along 149th Street I passed three hydrants with water coming out full blast, I mean full, like drumming in the door!  For the first one I was blinded as I passed through – the wipers made no difference.  For the second two, I let the van in front of me run interference and ducked the worst of it.  There were enough cowbell players in the audience to make an entire section (talk about more cowbell!), and they weren’t shy about usng them.  Once the music started I was able to work standing, with my stuff up on the corner of the stage.  The singers were obscured by the speakers between me and them, but I had good view of most of the players.  Plenty plenty of dancing.

Danny Rosado

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