The Old 97′s – July 4, 2010

The Old 97′s        -           South Street Seaport           –              July 4, 2010

Another scorching day, with me bummed that there was an unbeknownst opening act for the Old 97′s, an alt-country-rock band with plenty of energy.  At this venue it is important to be in the front row in order to establish a civilized precedent of remaining seated for the entertainment.  Unfortunately I wasn’t going to be that person, the pier’s boardwalk-type flooring was taking the brunt of the sun’s afternoon fury.  I found a spot to sketch (as a diptych) Brooklyn and its bridge.  By the time I got back to the stage midway through the opening act, the precedent of the front row was set with the standing standard, so that’s how I had to work.  From this position my media choices are essentially pared down to graphite pencil; so be it – there are virtues there.  I got the three front players but couldn’t see the drummer from where I stood.  That was a good reason to grab a well-deserved beer before going over to the side, from where the drummer was the only one I could see.  Ken Bethea gave one of the more lengthy and intricately embellished autographs.

Rhett Miller

Murry Hammond

Ken Bethea

Philip Peeples

Brooklyn and its Bridge

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