Jimmy Heath – August 31, 2011

Jimmy Heath  -  Grant’s Tomb  -  August 31, 2011

Heath is a true national treasure, still blazing along into his 80′s.   He has arguably lived through more jazz history than anyone else still performing, and has played with all of ‘em, including the replenishments that he brings along to keep his group (here a quintet) dynamic.  No exception for this gig.  Unfortunately, the seating (distant) and light (fast-fading) situations at my only Jazzmobile gig this year were sub-optimal.  At least I finally got a halfway decent shot at Jazzmobile drummer-about-town, Winard Harper; he’s always seemed easy to neglect despite being the player I’ve seen most often at Jazzmobile.  Bassist David Wong scooted out before I could get him to sign, and pianist Jeb Patton had not a chance to get sketched.  There was one tune where Heath and Pelt vocalized (not words, just background harmonized “aaaaahs”) together for an unexpected and astounding touch.

Jimmy Heath

Winard Harper

Jeremy Pelt

David Wong

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