Kendra Foster – August 11, 2017

Kendra Foster  -  Lincoln Center Hearst Plaza  -  August 11, 2017

Foster was on the “little” stage, in many ways much more conducive to my work than the big-assed bandshell, including no waiting on line.  I don’t think there was any diminution of quality.  In advance, her music totally unknown to me, but I have faith (hard-earned through the years) in the Lincoln Center out-of-doors programming.  What I did know was a George Clinton connection (big plus) and a more recent (and grammy-winning!) link to D’Angelo (wary meaninglessness to me).   Foster brought the goods, and there was certainly enough of the “you and me, baby” kind of stuff that I guess is the D’Angelo-type genre, but she also dipped into the old-school well a bit and showed strong gospel-ish chops and sensibility.  Vocal assistance from Redd Middleton (do I need to say also news to me?) who was no slouch and really unleashed on his featured vocal number.

Kendra Foster

Jacob Webb

Nathan Webb

Shedrick Mitchell

Charles "Redd" Middleton

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Big Sam’s Funky Nation – August 8, 2017

Big Sam’s Funky Nation  -  CHIRP Ballard Park, Ridgefield  -  August 8, 2017

All I knew about this band going in was basically that it was from New Orleans, led by a former Dirty Dozen Brass Band member (only a vague context for me).  So, modest expectations on my part, fearing a lack of sufficient variety to keep me engaged.  And the way it started, fervent exhortations to the audience to get up and dance, make some noise, etc. also not my best recipe for assured quality (what, your music doesn’t bring it strongly enough that audience will do these things without the exhortations?).  Wrongo!  These guys are masters of their instruments with a judicious blend of covers and originals, the latter pulled from a wide variety of pop culture sources including the Beatles.  And Sam was not the only big thing about it; the whole 4-piece sound was full & luscious.   I was like, “Yes, THAT’s how you play that instrument!”  A second horn (sax) was added for one number, but too briefly for me to get the guy.

New policy: I will be providing a link to artist home page when it’s easily obviously available.  I’ve been reluctant to do even this (let alone go to social media), as I have no influence on quality control, and I sure ain’t gonna be going back to make sure links are not broken.

Big Sam Williams

Keenan McRae

Alfred Jordan

Jerry Henderson

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The Wild Reeds – August 2, 2017

The Wild Reeds  -  Madison Square Park  -  August 2, 2017

If you gave me a blindfolded listen to The Wild Reeds and asked me where they were from, I’d probably come up with southern California.  This LA band has three fronting women, all singer-songwriters, who have found a way to mesh together their creativeness into a unified sound.  They  have a minor arsenal of instruments, electric or acoustic as need be, to straddle the folk/rock/indie sensibility.

Sharon Silva

Kinsey Lee

Mackenzie Howe

Nick Phakpiseth

Nick Jones

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Sketchcrawl #56 – July 29, 2017

Sketchcrawl #56 – New York City  -  July 29, 2017

Quite strange to me that there was complete non-overlap of sketchers on this day and from January.  So what.  I decided to just go B&W, and somehow that gravitated me into doing people more than other scenery.  So there’s 3 types: fellow sketchers at lunch, random people, and Central Park buskers.


Ellis Vonasek

Mike Johnson

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Cherish the Ladies – July 18, 2017

Cherish the Ladies  -   CHIRP, Ballard Park Ridgefield  -   July 18, 2017

This was the fourth time I’d seen this Irish trad supergroup, who never fail to deliver the goods; I finally got around to the sketching.  Joannie Madden, the ringleader, is just about the ultimate MC, with a breezy manner of sneaking in praise for accomplishment in introducing her colleagues, and an engaging sense of humor.  Plus she’s from the Bronx.  Tunes included some original compositions, so it’s not all historical stuff.  The act also included not one but two world-class step dancers and a guest singer (O’Riordan) who’s still in college.

Joanie Madden

Mary Coogan

Mirella Murray

Kathleen Boyle

Nollaig Casey

Molly O'Riordan

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Bardekova Ensemble – July 16, 2007

Bardekova Ensemble  -  Woodlawn Cemetery Chapel  -  July 16, 2017

Woodlawn Cemetery celebrates its (underground) inhabitants with occasional concerts featuring music by composers “residing” there.  This one had some Duke, but also some more standard wind ensemble repertory (I’m pretty sure Mozart is not a Woodlawn inhabitant).

Ellen Bardekoff

Shotaro Mori

Richard Paratley

Akari Yamamoto

Nancy Vizza

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Chandler Travis Philharmonic – July 12, 2017

Chandler Travis Philharmonic – Kate Gould Park Bandstand, Chatham –   July 12, 2017

Anyone who thinks they can categorize Travis’s music is delusional.  The selection of blurbs on his web site each sum up his wacky indescribability in different ways, all of them true.  My favorite: “The world would be a better place if Travis would only visit more often”.   And he has assembled a crew of players who buy into the vision, presenting it with self-assured chops.  The size of his ensemble varies according to the nature of the gig; for this one we got the mid-size sextet.    Most of the gig was up on the bandstand, but they also descended to walk into the crowd for a few “al fresco” numbers.  I loved the song about being a bass drum pedal, with vocal sound effects by basso Boak.

Chandler Travis

Berke McKelvey

Sam Wood

John Clark

Kami Lyle

Fred Boak

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Crabgrass Bluegrass Band – July 11, 2017

Crabgrass Bluegrass Band  -  Main Street, Orleans  -  July 11, 2017

CGBG seems to be the go-to bluegrass band of Cape Cod.  There are no unintentional rough edges to ‘em, though they live up to the offhandedness and casual proficiency that by nature prevails throughout the genre.  Their repertoire includes all sorts of obscure gems, each with a little story to go with it (I think no originals, though).

Chris Miner

Ted Mello

Les Beavan

Dan Fortier

Art Schatz

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John Salerno Band – July 11, 2017

John Salerno Band – Orleans Village Green  -  July 11, 2017

Salerno’s outfit is old school jazz, mining the society/easy listening vein, but his veterans know how to inject sufficient verve into the various chestnuts (nothing was unfamiliar to me) to keep it interesting.  And hey, there’s a reason those songs are/were so popular; it’s nice to hear them presented by players who breathe them as second nature.  Salerno’s association with drummer Vitali goes back decades.  Ted Kennedy used to call Salerno whenever he breezed into Hyannis, to come entertain at the compound, including singing some old Irish tunes with momma Rose.

John Salerno

Dennis Nobrega

Charlie Taormina

Phil Vitali

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Derek Gripper – June 22, 2017

Derek Gripper  - Lincoln Center Rubenstein Atrium  -  June 22, 2017

Solo guitarist (nylon strings) Gripper is South African, and has dedicated himself to showcasing both folk songs of his country (continent, actually) and works by its modern composers.  Some of the latter need to be transposed from original instrumentation into guitar, a whole other can of worms – he seems to have staked out this unique turf to follow wherever it leads, and to my ears he does ‘em justice.  He’s also assimilated plenty from the standard classical canon, blowing the socks off some Bach (who composed not a note for guitar).

Derek Gripper

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