Rachel Kara Perez – 15 December 2019

Rachel Kara Perez  –  Woolworth Chapel, Woodlawn Cemetery  – 15 December 2019

Perez offered a program of holiday tunes, backed by a string quartet.  Some were gleaned from her Hispanic background, and were unfamiliar; others were chestnuts (not roasting!); all reflected her solid classical training and personal warmth.  Concerts at Woodlawn usually include compositions from the interrees; today’s was “White Christmas” by Irving Berlin (yes, Jewish!).  The emotive pinnacle was “O Holy Night”.  Charming string arrangement accents courtesy of violinist Petcher.

Rachel Kara Perez
Evelyn Petcher
Monica Davis
Eliana Mendoza
Sally Shumway

Wynton Marsalis JALC Orchestra – June 11, 2014

Wynton Marsalis JALC Orchestra – Woodlawn Cemetery  –  June 11, 2014

Woodlawn Cemetery is where the remains of many of our notable jazz figures rest.  Wynton did all the talking from the stage, pointing out when various orchestra members would “explain” something with their instrument, and imploring them to do justice in the presence of the predeceased who would be very much listening in and grooving.  Unlike a similar previous Lincoln Center-associated event held in the chapel, this bring your own chair affair was gorgeously outdoors.

Wynton Marsalis
Dan Nimmer
Marcus Printup