This art blog is devoted largely to my creative passion and endlessly challenging endeavor of portraying musicians as they perform.  What I relish about this method of work, and what differs so drastically from other forms of portraiture, is the synesthetic aspect.  The visual capture of the motion of the subjects and their objects also incorporates impressions of the music as it is created.  Thus, sounds and kinetics are assimilated and converted into color and form.   When possible, an autograph is obtained, representing the final participation of the performer.  It is the only portion of the graphic involving both permission and the hand of another, frequently embellished with date stamping, commentary, or various flourishes.   All the more for me to play with, making a game of imagined morsels of insight linking autograph qualities to technical and emotional facets of the performance.

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  1. Brother Gambino thank you for that sketch and your kind words, you captured the essence of my performance. I also prefer to play with other musicians over prerecorded tracks but in this business you do what you have to do to survive. The one good thing I can say about those tracks is, except for the drum machine, I played all the instruments on the tracks live.
    Keep doing your thing, I hope our paths cross again.

    Nuff respec’

  2. Stan Morse says:


    Nice meeting you at the John Pizzarelli Concert at Vassar on Saturday. Even
    nicer to watch you in action and to learn from you about sketching on the scene,
    something I’m not that familiar with. But you’ve encouraged me and both my wife
    and I noted your techniques I plan to emulate in coming days and weeks. My
    speciality is structural (mostly “barns”) but you’ve given me incentive to branch
    out into “courtroom sketching.” Thanks for setting a fine example.

    Stan Morse
    Millbrook, New York

  3. Carmen D. Lucca says:

    Dear Parker Gambino,
    I regret not taking the time on Sunday, September 24 to sit with you and look at the magnificent portraits you created during the program at the Bronx Library Center. I hope to see them as you update the archives. I know they are not for sale and I agree because your sketches are priceless. The singer, Gloria Mirabal, was amazed. I promised her that I will follow your website and, if possible, download her image.
    With admiration,
    Carmen D. Lucca

  4. Tamer Erzurumlu says:

    we performed at Seattle Center on last Saturday at around 4pm during Turkfest.
    You have made some sketches of the individuals in our band. I am the percussionist.
    I liked you sketch very much and am interested to purchase it from you or at least get a copy.
    Tamer Erzurumlu

  5. Herbert Lira says:

    “The visual capture of the motion of the subjects and their objects also incorporates impressions of the music as it is created. Thus, sounds and kinetics are assimilated and converted into color and form.”

    Kudos to you, Mr. Gambino! The above quote from your own words, I presume, captures precisely my impressions of your sketches. I can hear the music in my mind.

    I stumbled across the band Pistolera on NPR’s Tiny Desk program. I never would have thought I would appreciate such a band but listening to their music and watching their interaction gave me such an uplift that I had to look further. That led me to your sketches. Are any of these sketches available for sale as reproductions, especially signed copies, through you or another source and particularly those of the group Pistolera? Thank you

  6. Paul Kahanovitz says:

    I am a South African music promoter. I’m doing a show with Derek Gripper. The sketch of Derek, may I use it on my poster to promote a show I’m doing with Derek?

  7. Hi Parker! I very much enjoy your work. How can I get a picture of myself drawn? Thank you! – Kareem

  8. Rita says:

    I love your picture ??

  9. Tracy Felix says:

    Wow! I’m so impressed with the depth of your website- fantastic. Great to meet you at the opening to Sketching Cascadia 🙂

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