Mark Morganelli & Jazz Forum/Arts Band – July 5, 2012

Mark Morganelli  & Jazz Forum/Arts  Band – Pickwick Plaza (Greenwich) – July 5, 2012

Morganelli is my hero.  He’s got deep jazz cred going back to the NYC loft scene (which I totally missed out on), relocated to the burbs, and for quite a number of years has been organizing summer programs of free superb jazz concerts throughout Westchester (and sometimes Rockland) County, which are invariably great venues for me to practice my craft.  But he’s never been a player at any of these (other than a few guest solo shots), thus never been sketched!  Situation remedied with this gig.  Not any groundbreaking concepts, just smooth renditions of classics (heavy on modal-era Miles) played with hip and graceful swing by four players, each with something to say, and listening to each other.  The unsketched player du jour was guitarist John Hart, who I got last year with a different combo.  The brutal heat (a noon concert!) and perhaps inadequate publicity resulted in disappointingly low turnout.  With this post, I initiate my new policy of only putting up sketches actually done on the gig date, and not calling back (as I could with Hart) works from previous gigs, if already posted.  Convoluted and not making a difference to anyone but me, I’m sure.

Mark Morganelli

Rick Petrone

Joe Corsello

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