Greenwich High School Jazz Festival – March 22, 2014

Greenwich High School Jazz Festival – March 22, 2014

I was dragooned into serving as MC for the GHS Jazz Festival.  A total of 14 high school jazz ensembles performed in an all-day affair.  So I brought along the sketchbook to maintain sanity.  I did capture all of the faculty directors, and quite a number of the students; these (over 30 sketches!) will be directed to a different presentation forum to be determined.  Here I offer tribute to the organizer, John S. Yoon of Greenwich High School, and also include sketches of several of the professional musicians who served as judges, and then performed briefly at the end of the festivities.  Not portrayed here, but shown on previous blog posts, were Greg Gisbert (trumpet) and Rich Perry (sax).  Milliman presents an interesting aspect when performing: looks down at his instrument, so that only the top of his head is showing; for an old guy he sure scrammed fast at the end, gone like a cool breeze before I could track him down for an autograph!

John S. Yoon

Linc Milliman

Scott Brown

Justin DiCioccio

David Oliver

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