Busking Seattle – August 18, 2016

Busking Seattle  - Pike Place Market  -  August 18, 2016

My buddy Joshua, when told that I would be sketching, had given me a minimalist keep-kids-busy-at-the-restaurant-size crayon box (4 colors), which I vowed to put to use.  VanDam, a real howler, got the call for this exploration of a new medium, unleashing a startling irony.  Of all my recent sketchings, his portrait seemed to have a most direct gaze, despite its gauzy haze.   Only later did I come to realize, and confirm, that he is blind, and had been totally oblivious to my activities.  Well, except for when I sang along a bit (on “Honky Cat”).  Getting the autograph was an adventure.

Chad VanDam

Mike E. Bell

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