Joshua Raoul Brody – August 2, 2016

Joshua Raoul Brody  –  Rite Spot Cafe  –  August 2, 2016

Simple concept: ditch the karaoke machine, use live musicians, restrict it to the Beatles catalog.  Now consider the execution: someone needs to know, and be able to play, all those songs.  But wait there’s more: accompany on keys, accommodate an extreme diversity of singers, making them feel comfortable, including shifting key to match the vocal range, following instructions to adjust tempo or other quirk according to preference.  And sing harmony and backup vocals (drummer Norfleet no slouch in this department either), and lead the audience in singalong.  Not so simple now, eh?  But that’s my buddy Joshua, can do all of these things and MC the whole shebang.  I chose “I Am The Walrus”, but if we go by whiskers, well, the walrus is Joshua.

Joshua Raoul Brody

Dave Norfleet

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