High Class Brass – October 6, 2017

High Class Brass  -  Phinney Farmers Market  -  October 6, 2017

I guess having a gig at the market (or at least this market) is a couple notches up from busking, especially if your name incorporates the words “High Class”.  So I’ll overlook the 45-minutes-later-than-advertised starting time, they were darned good, with a nice variety of classical and contemporary pieces.  Couldn’t tell exactly what the deal was with “Chuck”, who didn’t seem to be a regular group member, wouldn’t give me his full name for attribution, and for whom I could get no info from the HCB web presence, so yes, there’s a bit of attitude present about this as well!  I like to be accurate in my archiving, but must stay real (or sane? perhaps too late for that!) with regard to the extent of my unrequited efforts.  Chuck.

Tom Hampton

Gary Roberts

Tony Elvig

Aiko Watanabe


High Class Brass Composite

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