Downtown Comes Uptown – April 26, 2018

Downtown Comes Uptown  -  Rubenstein Atrium  -  April 26, 2018

Because uptown isn’t sufficiently alt-; there’s a feeder program from Rockwell Music Hall so that the uptown crowd doesn’t have to descend into the hurly-burly (I’m projecting here, having never been to Rockwell).  Four musical acts performing a sampler of three tunes each – hardly enough time to do sketch justice to the ensembles, but I like the challenge of the impossible.  Opener McFerrin is yes, daughter of famed Bobby (and likewise performs barefoot).  This was a powerhouse “solo” a capella presentation, using a voice-looping gizmo (I’m not up on all the latest) to build a chorus of her lovely pipes.  Next was the trio House of Waters featuring a hammered dulcimer jam session.  Third was solo John Fullbright, and the closer was Elizabeth & the Catapult (sorry drummer, no time left for you) with some nice evanescent tunes of sophisticated compositional complexity folded into a pop sensibility.

Madison McFerrin


Moto Fukushima

Ignacio Rivas Bixio

John Fullbright

Elizabeth Ziman

Jonno Linden

Lauren Balthrop

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