Nicky Siano’s Hallelujah Disco / Melba Moore – June 24, 2018

Nicky Siano’s Hallelujah Disco/Melba Moore – Central Park Summerstage – June 24, 2018

I didn’t realize that this concert was linked up with Gay Pride Month, not that it mattered (à la Seinfeld).  But a lot of it was non-illustrate-able narration by Siano.    What cheezed me (does that seem to be happening a lot these days?) was that the Harlem Choir would not respond to identify their marvelous singers.  So I didn’t put the finishing PhotoShop touches on those sketches, take that HC!  Only got one of the Illustrious Blacks.

Melba Moore

Monstah Black

Harlem Choir Singer F

Harlem Choir Singer M

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