Bridge Records 30th Anniversary – October 20, 2011

Bridge Records 30th Anniversary  –  Bruno Walter Auditorium  –  October 20, 2011

Bridge Records is an independent label that started out small and quirky, and has kept going without losing its quirky charm.  The main emphasis is new music (in the classical sense) but includes a wide range of genres.  It is run by the Starobin family; patriarch David is a guitarist, so this emerged as an outlet for his own music, but it really seems to be a stable of musicians respecting and caring for each other.  Hsin-Yun Huang performed (with pianist Sarah Rothenberg) the premiere of Poul Ruders’  “Romances”; since the composer was in the audience, I got his autograph on the sketch as well.  Starobin himself teamed up with percussionist George Crumb for the latter’s “Mundis Canis”.  The lobby had related artifacts on display including a score of Porgy and Bess signed by all the the principal collaborators listed on the title page, with an especially bold imprint by George Gershwin.  As a bonus, excellent noshes were provided afterwards in said lobby.

George Crumb & David Starobin

Hsin-Yun Huang

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