Poor Old Shine – March 1, 2013

Poor Old Shine  –  Greenwich High School Auditorium  –  March 1, 2013

These guys have gotten into Americana/bluegrass big time; they’re young, fresh, and are moving up.  Unusual musical instruments in their bag of tricks include musical saw and pump organ; they have also provided me with my first models for sketches of mandolin and washboard.  Their appearance was part of the school’s diversity awareness program (see Isramerica, April 14, 2011 for an earlier program highlight), and I got to bring two separate classes for consecutive 45 minute sets, front row seats, plenty of light and access, it’s the best part of my job.  The finale, Albert E. Brumley’s “I’ll Fly Away” (Wikipedia calls it the most-recorded gospel song) was a perfect end to my work week.

Harrison Goodale

Chris Freeman

Antonio Alcorn

Max Shakun

Brian Conlon

Poor Old Shine

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