MSM Jazz Arts Combos – December 10

Jazz Arts Combos  –  Manhattan School of Music  –  December 10

The exact designation of these student groups is lacking, as there were neither a written program nor clear formal introductions.  So all I can say is that the two groups shared the drummer and they both grooved.  Sometimes the way a sketch works out, the top of someone’s head is not included, as in Benjamin’s; thus the amusement at visiting his site and finding that even less of his head is shown in the photo opening his home page!  This posting marks my switch from attaching a signature to posted images to using my logo, a decision not taken lightly considering how many images I’ve banked with the signature.

Matt Malanowski

Dion Kerr

Raphael Pannier

Kali Rodriguez

Pawan Benjamin

Giorgi Mikadze

Hoo Kim

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