MAKU SoundSystem – September 22, 2016

MAKU SoundSystem  –  Rubenstein Atrium  –   September 22, 2016

MAKU is pretty close to the ultimate in World Music.  The basic band has a South American orientation, mostly Colombia.  The concert was like a showcase revue, with MAKU showing their stuff, and then bringing on musicians from elsewhere, not merely backing them up, but getting deep into the collaboration.  We had Lodescar with a gospel-oriented focus; Ben Jaafar (Morocco), playing the guembri (this oversized version is a kind of proto-electric bass) as part of Innov Gnawa, specializing in the music of northwest Africa; Benavides was part of the Afro-Colombian song-and-dance troupe Bulla en el Barrio.  There were others that I didn’t get to portray.  Half the time, in the dim light, I was merely guessing which color I had in my hand.  Poor Liliana!

Juan Ospina

Liliana Conde

Moris Canate

Andres Jiminez

Robert Stringer and Isaiah Richardson Jr.

Kemba Lodescar

Hassan Ben Jaafar

Gabriel Benavides

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